Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Finery


Sean and Sophie playing with Sean's new "Christmas" present - a Chihuahua webkinz named "Sidney". Thanks, Nana! He loves it and is addicted!

Sean and Sophie giving goodnight hugs and kisses to Gramma from the hotel room in Chicago (I had to go there for training for work a couple of weeks ago)

And here are Sean and Sophie enjoying the DuPage County Children's Museum. They had a wonderful time and played lots and lots there.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blue and Gold

Sean's pack meeting for Cub Scouts February was the Blue and Gold banquet where they celebrate most of the "Tigers" receiving their Bobcat badges (the first one you get before earning anything else - Sean got his in October). They celebrated with the theme of "Chinese New Year", with the dragon parade and everything. It was a grand time. Sean earned 4 belt loops this time (actually 6, but the leader forgot one and we forgot to turn in the paperwork for the other), and he was very proud. Here are some pics of the evening.

Sean's the last one in this picture (on the right). He's waving his sparkly thing and I think he's also shaking his noise (not money) maker.

Sean made and wore a cat mask.
After the parade and dinner, a man came in and showed the scouts some Tae Kwon Do moves. They all seemed to have a great time (see below). Sean was laughing and yet still paying attention and learning, and I got a little excited that it might be something fun we could do together until he walked back to the table and told us it was the most boring time ever. So much for that...for now.

After all of that, the awards ceremony took place. Here's Sean earning his belt loops.

Sophie got into the spirit by stealing Sean's hat while he was wearing the cat mask. She enjoyed being a Tiger cub for the night.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The squeaky boot gets the laugh

The other night we came in from playing outside and Sophie really did not want to come back in. She had taken off her mittens and played in the snow, though (she wanted a better grip on it so she could eat it better), and I didn't want her hands to freeze.

She started walking in a huff so I wouldn't be able to get off her boots, and they started making loud squeaking noises on the linoleum. These pics are showing how fascinating and humorous she thought that was. She giggled and giggled and giggled.

She made lap after lap back and forth and as long as those shoes kept squeaking (and it was quite a while...did I mention it was also drizzling outside?!?), she kept at it.
The good news was by the end, she was happy to be inside and didn't put up any more fuss with getting ready for bed.
How FUN!