Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Searching for a song

I have a song stuck in my head. Seriously. S-T-U-C-K.
I hear it several times a month.
And yet, I haven't heard it FOR REAL since I was a little girl.

I have been searching through Google and other search engines for years, on and off, in hopes that someday I'd strike gold. Unfortunately, I only remember about half of the chorus, so that sort of hinders my search.

These are the words I remember and have been searching on:
[You're] halfway up your rainbow girl by now
Way too high to find your way back down
Girl I'm gonna miss ya but I wouldn't go with ya
No no...

But tonight I found some hope! Apparently my dad and I are not the only two people on earth who remember this song!!
This site: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Oldies-2943/f_4401444.htm shows that a few other people recall, as does this one: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Discuss:Who_wrote_or_recorded_a_60's_song_'red_green_yellow_and_blue'
and this one: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Oldies-2943/searching-song-title-artist-1.htm (although this is just kind of "cheater" because it appears to be from the same expert as #1...)

And from these sites and searches...I FOUND IT ON eBAY!!!!
But Boo Hoo, I have no record player on which to play this 45. As Chip says, it would probably be easier for me to find a record player than find this album again. So I'm waiting patiently...kind of. Any of you three readers out there know where I might be able to listen to this treasure? Or do you have any good lyrics stories yourself? If some song's bugging you - even if you only know a few words - Google is amazing!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time for Bed by Mem Fox, paraphrased by Sophia

Sophie likes bedtime stories. Most nights she even insists on sleeping with her board books instead of her soft stuffed animals (or at least in addition to). I'm just enjoying the fact that she's started reading to me. Here's her newest favorite:

The book :
It’s time for bed, little mouse, little mouse,
Darkness is falling all over the house.
Sophie’s recitation:
"Time a bed, little mouse, little mouse.
The house is falling all over the place.

It’s time for bed, little goose, little goose,
The stars are out and on the loose.
Time a bed, little goose, little goose.
Little goo-oose! LITTLE GOO-OOSE! Where is you, little goose?!?

It’s time for bed, little cat, little cat,
So snuggle in tight, that’s right, like that.

Time a bed little cat, little cat –
All snuggly!

It's time for bed, little calf, little calf,
What happened today that made you laugh?
Time a bed, little calf, little calf,
You make me laugh! (laughter ensues)

It’s time for bed, little fish, little fish,

So hold your breath and make a wish.
Night-night fishy!
Hold your breaf, make a wish!

It’s time for bed, little sheep, little sheep,
The whole wide world is going to sleep.
Time a bed little sheep, little sheep,
Whole world is sleepin’

It’s time to sleep, little bird, little bird,
So close your eyes, not another word.
Hey birdy! No more words!

It’s time to sleep, little bee, little bee,
Yes, I love you and you love me.
Time a sleep little bee, little bee,
I love me and you love me!

It’s time to sleep, little snake, little snake,
Good gracious me, you’re still awake!
Hey snake!
Oh my GOOness! Still awake?!?

It’s time to sleep, little pup, little pup,
If you don’t sleep soon the sun will be up!
You sleep soon little puff,
The sun be up!

It’s time to sleep, little deer, little deer,
The very last kiss is almost here.
(she usually skips this page because she knows the end is near, but she DOES NOT like it when I try to kiss her here! Tonight she said “go away leave Sophie ‘lone! Sleep by self!”)

The stars on high are shining bright—
Sweet dreams my darling, sleep well…good night!
Sweet dreams, darlin’!
‘a night!

I've tried a couple of times to get this on video, but so far she hasn't "cooperated" with that yet. It's really much funnier watching her get excited at all the pages...