Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just to clarify...

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in my life...just to clarify, I wasn't putting the following cards in any specific order. :-) Please consider yourselves all loved different ways!
...and you can expect a card in the mail, too, but poor planning and forgetfulness has made us late in getting them out to you. Sorry.
But we still love you!

My Daddy Rocks - Chip Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day Freddy

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Happy Father's Day Grampa Beach!

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Happy Father's Day Grampa Chuck!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things I learned my first day of work

My first day at the new office, I had quite a few revelations I thought I would share with everyone:

1. I'm not the only one who talks to herself.

2. Getting "punk'd" by co-workers from the "old" office is very funny - but only to you.
(all of my things were marked with garage sale stickers, and I can tell you, they were hoping for bargains! My Franklin Planner for 25 cents?!? I think the Ramen noodles were 10 cents - not much of a bargain there, though. The most they were willing to pay was $10, and I think that was for the instructions to assemble my monitor - or maybe it was the network cable we all seemed to fight over!). Yeah. The new people didn't get it. Guess I won't be punking them while they're on vacation.

3. The code to the women's bathroom is...well, I can't tell you or you'll walk in on me, but seriously, there is a security code!

4. Security badges are really worth something here. You can get into the office building without it sometimes, but not into our suite. This would include the trip back from aforementioned bathroom. This, coupled with the fact that it's a small office without many people (hence not a real flow of people in and out to help you get back in), is a good reason to find a place to keep the badge attached to you!

5. The security code for the breakroom has the exact same digits as the women's bathroom code, but in a different order. Luckily I don't take breaks (haha), so I have conveniently forgotten the order.

6. Don't wander around the basement of a bank building (we share our offices with a large bank) alone, without a security badge. You might cause undue alarm when you get near the vaults. Fortunately, I didn't stick around long enough to make anyone worry (that I know of - yet). But hey, I was only looking for the breakroom that they told me had a big screen TV in it. Perhaps this would be the reason for above security code for entry. And, as an FYI, the security BADGE alone doesn't cut it. You have to have the code.

7. No matter how much stuff you packed for the move, you still left something behind. And hey, it could be in GR or in NY, no one knows. But it could just be the most important paper you were hoping to have with you. Like passwords to websites for researching. That weren't yours. And you have to suck it up and contact an executive so that he or she knows you've been slacking off on their project-baby.

8. Faxing is not as simple as I always thought it was. Here are the instructions:

If dialing locally:
dial 9, then the area code (Verizon makes us do this), then proceed as below beginning with step 4.

If dialing long distance:
dial 9
dial 1
dial the phone number with area code first
press pause 4 times
enter employee ID#
press SEND*

*SEND is not a button that actually appears on the machine, but I assumed they meant start.
Other than that, these are the exact instructions I followed in order to get my new W-4 sent to payroll. Easy as pie!

So that's it. The lessons learned. I wish they were as funny to you as they were to me.

Here are a couple of pics of my new digs, though. The second one is a little blurry because I was snapping them while I was on a conference call and I thought I was on mute, but as I pressed the button and heard the loud "quack" sound effect, I realized I wasn't [on mute], so I tried to move the phone away from my headset. :-)

Oh! And RIGHT after I took these pictures, a kind person brought me a monitor riser, so I no longer have the lovely phone book holding up my laptop.

I kinda like how I've interspersed my personal life with my work life, but you can see everything so well through my windows that I'll probably be asked to move them to the other wall. Who knows? It's a very nice place, though. Lots of nice people with soothing Southern accents to listen to. Makes me crave sweet tea and Chick Fil A all day, but I love listening!

Well, y'all, that's enough for today. See ya later, Alligators (but hopefully not too soon, gators. I hear they're prevelant around these parts).