Saturday, October 11, 2008


Now, I know there is seldom one lone reason why bad things happen to good countries, and there is plenty of blame to go a lot of places for our current state of economy (like doubling, tripling, quadrupling the min payments on credit cards, acquiring more debt than a country or a family can possibly repay, NAFTA, terrorism, dependence on foreign oil, [insert your gripe here], etc), but here's a new twist on things I hadn't heard.
It's at least good to hear another reason WHY, no matter who's to "blame". If we know what happened, we can quit blaming and fix the problem, right? BUT, perhaps someone who has already tried to fix it (a couple of times, and proactively, before it became a crisis) might be worth listening to, especially since he's more moderate than a bunch of us die-hard REPUBLICANS (did I just say a dirty word?!?) really feel comfortable with. Maybe there is something to this. Maybe it's something we should all research a bit more carefully (and even GOOGLE isn't always the best source, as the video suggests, but, hey, when actual media outlets that we've heard of besides FOX are reporting bad things about Democrats, it must be true, right? :-) ). Maybe we should all be more INDEPENDENT and not make snap decisions based on party affiliation.

And without further's the link, since I couldn't get it to embed correctly.

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