Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Grown Up (but selfish) Christmas List

My list isn't quite as good as Amy (Grant)'s. But here's what I wish:

*No more lay-offs until after the holidays. Please. I don't think I can bear to see another friend leave right now.
*My kids have fun with the presents they will get
*My family and friends stay healthy in the next year
*No more drama in the Wibert clan (hahaha. That IS half the fun, I suppose)
*We have enough to share with others in the next year
*The economy will at least flatten instead of continuing its nose-dive
*I will stop worrying about it since I can't do anything, anyway
*Chip gets a more regular schedule soon
*People will come visit us (but give us warning so we can clean up the dump)
*Resolutions will come to outstanding issues, and be made to fix others
*To spend more time with others
*To sleep more regularly. More often, maybe, would be nice, too


Angelam9674 said...

You wrote this at 4:31 AM. Yes, you need more sleep. ;)

Lana Baker said...

I'm with you, girl~especially the sleep thing~I've been meaning to try it! Hugs to you and yours. I hope your holidays are really sweet and special. I'd love to come visit. I'll even help you shovel out the place! My schedule will be free after May 2010 (graduation)! So, see ya' then...