Monday, December 22, 2008

My son, the comedian

Yesterday, we "tried out" a new church. It was a really fun experience for me, other than the Sophia-nursery fiasco that happens anytime we go to any church.
There was lots of singing. Lots of music. So it was my kind of worship.
Well, the message was about finding joy in Jesus, instead of in the world (or something along those lines...I was kinda preoccupied with the beeper in my hands just wondering when they would have enough of Sophie's screaming and call me back to get her...). The pastor told a story about HW Longfellow which I'm going to have to look up, and another story that was familiar to me, thanks to those of you who forward me emails.
It's the story of a little girl who buys her brother a miracle for $1.11. Here's a link to just one of the many sites that share it (I'm sure they all have just a little different spin):
Anyway, it's a sweet, true story of how Dr. Carlton Armstrong gave this family a miracle to save their son/brother for $1.11.
Sean, ever the curious type (and skeptical this year, too), asked me when we got home, "Can you really buy a miracle for one dollar and 11 cents?" I said to him that it's really about what Jesus can do with any amount of money (or even none) to bring about miracles in people's lives. "
To which he says, "But you can buy Miracle Whip, right?"

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