Thursday, January 15, 2009

miscellaneous Sean stuff

Sean has been home sick all week, and since I am privileged enough to be able to work from home, I have spent a lot of time with him. He has said some pretty amusing things this week:

"I always thought a stakeout was where you cooked steak!"

Using Mr Potatohead in various movie characters (Disney has toys such as "Luke Frywalker" and "Tater of the Lost Ark): Mashter Kenobi (although he didn't find as much humor as I did in his original "Masher Vader"...ok, I'm sorry I have a warped mind!); in the Clone Wars Anakin's Padawan calls him Sky Guy - We like "Fry Guy".

We went to Target today to get Dad's prescriptions, and there happens to be a Starbucks there. I had a gift card, so I bought him a "Kid's Cocoa". He loved it. Really, it's very good cocoa (he wanted me to test it to make sure it wasn't too hot). About an hour or so after we got home, he said, out of the blue, "Whenever I get an urge for a warm beverage, I'm going to go to Starbucks for their kid's cocoa. It is delicious!". I just thought it was funny...

He just has a way with words that makes me smile. I wish I had my computer with me all the time so I could capture his funny-ness.

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Lana Baker said...

Maybe he should contact Starbucks and see if they need a new spokesman for their company...I was convinced of how good it was!